Moderators are "super users" of sorts, they can:

  • Access the admin dashboard, that displays:
    • Ongoing builds
    • User activity
    • An exhaustive list of all users
  • Access and update any user or book's settings
  • Clone any book's git repo

Adding a new moderator

To add a new moderator, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure the desired moderator has an account on your GitBook instance
  2. Write down his/her username
  3. Go to the enterprise manager's settings page (/setup/settings)
  4. Search for the "Moderators" field and add the username to the list
  5. Save and voilà !

Removing a moderator

To remove a moderator follow the same steps above, but instead of adding the user to the "Moderators" field, simply remove them.

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