Audit Logs

GitBook keeps logs of audited user, book, and system events. You can use these logs to check your account security as well as to comply with internal security mandates and external regulations.

Audited actions

You can search the audit log for a wide variety of actions.

Name Description
user.login Login of an user
user.failed_login An user/visitor failed to logged in
user.signup Signup of an user
user.remove User removed his account User changed his email
user.token.change User reset his api token
user.password.change User changed his password
user.forgot_password User reset his password
user.verification.send User requested a verification email
user.verification.done User verified his email
user.forgot_password User reset his password
org.create User created an organization
org.remove User removed an organization
org.transform User transformed a personal account into an organization
staff.login.fake A site admin signed into an user account
staff.user.verify A site admin verified an user account
staff.user.suspend A site admin locked an user account
staff.user.unsuspend A site admin unlocked an user account
book.create Creation of a book by an user
book.remove Remove a book
book.transfer Transfer a book
book.publish Publish a new version of the book

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